About Us

Welcome to Gig Harbor Candy Company, where our story began in 1995, driven by a fervent passion for reviving cherished, time-honored candy recipes from the heartland of the Midwest. These confections carry generations of tradition within their delightful flavors. Inspired by his parents' cherished creations, a young candy enthusiast embarked on a mission to resurrect these unique recipes. Originally shared neighbor-to-neighbor in Gig Harbor, Washington, the candy line expanded under our ownership in 2014, broadening classics like milk chocolate English toffee, tiger butter, and peppermint bark. What began as a simple act of gifting evolved into a mission to make these exceptional candies available year-round. Acquiring the company was our commitment to preserving and sharing this joy. Under our care, we mastered the secrets and techniques, ensuring each batch honored the legacy of these timeless recipes. Now, these handcrafted, small-batch confections are available for everyone, anytime, anywhere. Immerse yourself in the richness of our candies and discover why we proudly call them "Simply the Best." Join us in celebrating tradition, taste, and the enduring delight of exquisite sweets that transcend generations.