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They say when you love something enough nothing can get in your way. Gig Harbor Candy Company has proven that to be true! Gig Harbor Candy Company started in 1995 when a young man decided to open a candy store in downtown Gig Harbor, Washington.  This was his chance to recreate the one-of-a-kind candy recipes his parents made and sold in Missouri when he was a little boy.  It came with a heavy heart in 1999 when he made the decision to close his storefront business.  In an effort to keep the candy making tradition going, longtime Gig Harbor residents, Joe and Lori, began making the candy seasonally and started the mail order portion of Gig Harbor Candy Company. When we first sampled these amazing candies it was love at first bite. We often bought them as gifts for family and friends during the holiday season, but when we realized that we could only buy them in November and December we were determined to find a way to enjoy these amazing treats year-round.  It didn’t take us long to figure out that the only way this was going to happen was to buy the company and make the candies ourselves – and that is exactly what we did! In 2014 we became the proud owners of Gig Harbor Candy Company.  We were taught all the secrets and unique techniques that go into making these special candies and practiced until we perfected it.  Although the website has undergone some changes, the candy remains exactly the same.  Those of you that have enjoyed these candies over the years can now indulge any time and so can the rest of us!