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A plate of english toffee

English Toffee - Dark, Milk, or Vanilla

Our biggest seller. We create a buttery, sweet, soft crunch, almond toffee and cover it with the finest chocolate.  Each side of the toffee is also covered with fresh roasted almonds. To please all palates, we offer three flavors; Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or Vanilla English Toffee.

Close up view of Tiger Butter

Tiger Butter - Chocolate and Peanut Butter

A creamy delectable combination of vanilla confection and milk chocolate with a hint of peanut butter swirled together to create the tiger striped pattern. This smooth candy melts in your mouth and once you try it you’re hooked. Try Tiger Butter with red wine – it is truly amazing!

Espresso barks on top of coffee beans

Espresso Bark

Our incredible dark chocolate is infused with Italian coffee extract topped with vanilla and espresso beans for a special treat that all coffee lovers will enjoy!

Sea salted caramel with a bite taken out of it

Sea Salt Caramels - Dark or Milk Chocolate

Our mouth-watering Sea Salt Caramels are absolutely delicious. Our caramel has the perfect consistency; not too hard and not too soft. It is topped with only the highest quality chocolate and sprinkled with the right amount of sea salt.

Peppermint barks on a piece of a round end of a log

Peppermint Bark

Delicious Peppermint Bark with layers of vanilla and dark chocolate infused with peppermint extract and topped with crunchy peppermint candy.

Offered seasonally from October-December.

"I've tried them all, and love them all, but my favorite is the dark chocolate English Toffee!! Your candy is amazing!"

Joan Greer, 2021

"These chocolate covered sea salt caramels are simply the best! The perfect two-bite caramels you'll ever enjoy!"

-Ty Panagiotu, 2020

"Sea salt caramels are my favorite, so far! Just purchased several other candies to try. Yum!"

Tina Marks, 2020
Photo of Patti and Phil Michelsen who are the owners

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